The SP Makan Map

Out on the prowl for the best noms on campus? Well, hold on tight to this map that’ll show you SP’s food gems!

Food Court 1 (FC1)

Our FC1 is newly opened earlier this year, with a large variety of international food options! Fancy some Korean ramen? How about Japanese curry rice with delicious bites of fried chicken? Or perhaps some savoury mee rebus to suit your palate? Head over to FC1 to try these goodies now! Psst, we heard that the Thai green curry is #ftw.

Food Court 2 (FC2)

FC2 is most renowed for its ridiculously affordable food and famous Yong Tau Foo stall. We also have Ya Kun Kaya Toast located here, which opens at 7.30am – the perfect place to grab your morning kopi before class.

Food Court 3 (FC3)

Home to Long John Silver’s and the ever-popular Mini Wok, FC3 has also welcomed some new residents including a new Ma La Xiang Guo for the spice lovers.

Food Court 4 (FC4)

If you’re stopping by FC4 (aka Koufu), don’t forget to try the wanton noodles stall. For the health conscious, you can also build your own healthy bowl of greens at the salad stall!

Food Court 5 (FC5)

If you’re a big fan of Starbucks, swing by FC 5. On Wednesdays, you’ll also get to share the joy of your favourite cuppa with their 1-for-1 deal! Other residents of FC 5 include Subway and KFC.

Food Court 6 (FC6)

Waffles, anyone? If you love crispy waffles that are fluffy on the inside, the Creamy Duck Waffles and Ice Cream at FC 6 is the place to go. You can choose a whole array of spreads and ice cream to accompany your waffles too!