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What do you get when you put two buddies with exceptional memory skills together? Answer: the formation of Memory Ark, an organisation that specialises in providing content memory techniques to people of all ages!

Memory Ark was founded by two Diploma in Engineering with Business (DEB) graduates, Wellon Chou and Gerald Lim. Wellon has achieved six National Memory Records and an International Master of Memory title. Gerald is a title holder in the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of random words memorised. Apart from Wellon and Gerald, fellow DEB graduate Felix Ng played a part in the running of Memory Ark projects back when they were SP students and is today a trainer with the company.

The trio share with us about the Memory Ark projects they have undertaken, and leave some tips on how you can improve your memory.

From left to right: Henderson Secondary School alumnus Felix, Silling Secondary School alumnus Welton and Holy Innocents’ High School alumnus Gerald.

SOMC 2017 would not have been possible without the help of SP staff, alumni, student helpers and, of course, the student participants!

Question: What sparked your interest in memorisation techniques?
Wellon: I came across a YouTube video of a person who memorised the sequence of a deck of randomly shuffled cards in less than two minutes. This was really the instance that sparked my interest! After that, I started to read books and learn from various international memory masters around the world through Memory Championships.

Question: How did you transform your interest into a business idea?
Felix: We conducted market surveys and realised that this market is very niche, which meant good business opportunity. We also realised how useful memory techniques are, and wanted to spread our interest to the public.

In fact, we started on Memory Ark projects back when we were final-year students at SP. Managing both Memory Ark and our studies at the same time was one of the biggest challenges we faced then. I’m glad we’ve come this far!

Question: What did you learn in SP that has helped you in this business?
Felix: Being in DEB gave us opportunities to be exposed to both Engineering and Business. In Engineering, we learnt how to brainstorm ideas to create something out of nothing through the process of CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate). In Business, we learnt how to market our ideas and services to reach out to the mass public using the 4Ps (Product or service, Price, Place and Promotion) analysis. Of course, the interactive class presentations also enabled us to learn soft skills which were useful for networking!

Question: What is one of the most memorable Memory Ark project?
Gerald: One of my most memorable projects was when we organised the first Singapore Open Memory Championships (SOMC) back in 2015.
Wellon: For me, it was really the SOMC in 2017, which saw 85 participants from 11 countries come together to compete. Together with our co-organisers, SP and SP Graduates Guild (SPGG), we brought this event to a whole new level. We are happy to have received such positive feedback from both international and local participants.


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