Axel Brizzy Takes The Stage

After pursuing Events Management at ITE College Central, Axel Teoh made up his mind to further his studies in the area of music and pursue it as a career. Axel’s passion for music began early. When he was 15, he discovered rap and hip-hop and this spurred him on to write his own lyrics. A year later, Axel, an alumnus of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, overcame anxiety and stage fright and was confident enough to perform in public and post his own music videos online.

After ITE, Axel could have gone to LASALLE College of the Arts or another music school, where the focus is more on vocal training and arts performance, to pursue his passion. But after doing his research, Axel felt that SP’s Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) is most suitable for him as it would provide him with a good combination of training in music composition and audio production, and so he enrolled into this course through the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) for ITE students, known as EAE(I).

DMAT has exposed Axel to many new things, to say the least. He never had music theory knowledge or played any instrument before he entered this course. Within his first seven weeks at school, Axel had learnt to play the keyboard a little and made progress with music theory. With DMAT’s comprehensive curriculum, Axel believes that he will be able to produce his own beat, record it, mix and master it and then launch it himself down the road. While rap and hip-hop may be his favourite genres, he is unafraid to explore other genres and aspects of music.

In fact his YouTube channel, which follows his stage name Axel Brizzy, already houses song covers and original compositions rapped by him — just like his rap cover of Ed Sheeran’s popular hit song, ‘Shape of You’! Don’t say that we don’t share!

At Sundown Fest 2017.
Taken by: @hishamthamc

At Wheeler’s Festival 2017.
Taken by: @hishamthamc



At SHINE Fest 2017.
Taken by @hishamthamc

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